April 17, 2021

Life after Cancer Treatment – Tips from a Survivor

The following are tips. Your goal should be to understand them and then apply as many as possible.

Eat healthy, NATURAL food

Ready made food is the worst. It has too many preservatives. If you’re the kind of person pre-set for cancer, this is like an accelerator in a time bomb. You also want to avoid canned food. I know it’s easy to make, but a couple of minutes more and extra pennies will save you much pain in the long run.

Tomato Healthy Health Produce  - Wild0ne / Pixabay
Wild0ne / Pixabay


Instead, what you do want to do is eat a lot of Antioxidants. Not to beat the old dead horse, but you have to eat fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY. Not so much a lot, but EVERYDAY. This isn’t hard. Make it a habit that the first thing you have in the morning is a fruit. Like an Apple, orange, banana…or whatever.

If you don’t like fruit, put the fruit in a blender with milk and a bit of sugar or yogurt and start your day with a smoothie. Also, whenever you’re hungry and are about to prepare yourself a snack; try grabbing a fruit instead. While you’re waiting for that pasta, have an apple.

Is very important that when you’re stomach is close to empty, you grab a fruit, or a vegetable. It’ll get digested fast and easy and it will provide your body with a nice amount of Antioxidants.

If you don’t like vegetables, cook them. Onion and broccoli suck. BUT, soup with onion, tomato and a nice recipe could be amazing! There are plenty of books on healthy recipes out there. Eat salads too on a daily basis.

Also, when cooking, choose your oil with care. Use very little of it and make sure is mono-saturated like olive oil. Olive oil is awesome by the way. It has Hydroxytyrosol. It is a very powerful Antioxidant. Also, soy oil is pretty good too. These things have Omega 3 and 6.

Note: The topic of Antioxidants is very, very important. You must understand what they are, how they work and how they affect the human body.

Drink lots of water. LOTS! All the time!!

For example, when you’re eating dinner, rather than complimenting it with can juice, drink water. When you’re thirsty and feel like sipping a pop, drink water. Just like eating a fruit when the stomach is empty, the same goes for water.

Water Glass Liquid Wet Refreshment  - cocoparisienne / Pixabay
cocoparisienne / Pixabay


An amazing habit that I have the pleasure to have pioneered, is to everyday, first thing in the morning, right before the morning coffee, have an apple and a glass of water. Also, bring a bottle of water to work/school, and keep refilling it all day long.

No Alcohol

It’s ok to drink alcohol every now and then. Actually, one of the reasons wine is recommended is because it has Antioxidants.
But, by no alcohol, I mean don’t get wasted all the time.

Sleep well

Sleeping is so key. When you’re sleeping, your brain is producing chemicals that help your body. Plus, your whole system is resting and getting stronger. Plus it just feels good, so make sure you have a comfortable bed and sleep as much as you need to.

Have Fun

Simply stated: ‘Do whatever YOU want’
Go out on Friday night and have a blast with your friends. Learn a musical instrument and jam with people. Learn a new language, travel, walk around nature, go skiing, and sky diving. Just do the things that you enjoy. These things are like sources of happiness and well-being. They offer nothing but benefits.

Have Goals

This is something incredibly important. If you have a mayor purpose, something to look forward to, you’ll be much fulfilled just doing the required work to achieve your goal. It is not so much the destination but the path that’s important.

How about helping a charity? Or starting a business? Learning a new language and going to another country for 3 months? Plant a new garden on your yard and see it grow.

From personal experience, I must say that one of the major things that gave my mom the fire to fight was the following statement:
To see her son grow up. Right now, she says she’s in a stage of her life where she’s setting new goals. We’re actually looking into investing in Real Estate.

Trust me, goals and projects that are meaningful to you will keep you alive. So start right now. What is that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do?


Do it a little bit, everyday. Adapt the exercise to your particular situation. My mom has a little machine with a couple of marbles and things in her room. She works like 10 minutes everyday. Only a couple exercises. She also swims a lot and skis. Again, do things that will keep you in shape. Try yoga out. Walk, Bike, Dance, Stay active.

Have a positive attitude

A good mental state is so key. Living a life with your emotions balanced is so awesome. Choose the people around you very carefully. Avoid whiners and the chicken littles of life. Make sure you’re around positive people that will help you out and motivate you.

Sharing time with people that also have goals and that want to be with you to share the fun of being alive is very rewarding. People that have your same state of mind and are motivated by the same activities will add massive value to your life.


Experience love, develop your spiritual energy, Love yourself and give yourself importance. If you don’t like yourself, do something so that you do. Achieve something. Loving yourself will make sure that others love you. That way you’ll be surrounded by awesome people and have a loving special someone.

Making love is also strongly recommended. Do it often. Please your partner. Have fun. As a healing mechanism, and happiness generator, it has no match.

Be realistic and optimistic

Deal with problems in a realistic way. Be effective and quick. Seek help if you have to. At the same time though, don’t let bad things take over you. There’s always a solution. Even if it means dropping the problem because is something out of your control.

Obstacles, in anything, are a part of life. You learn something every time you make a mistake or have a set-back. Just keep going.

Be financially smart

Don’t buy into debt. Make sure you live within your means. Then, expand your means. Don’t work too much either. Invest in your tranquility. Give yourself pleasure, but be careful with debt.
Learn to manage your money.

It’s been said that a lot of people under stress and that develop diseases are suffering of cancer of the wallet. Again, use your money in smart ways. Think of the future.

So there you have it. Simple isn’t it? I really hope, deep down inside, that this article helps someone out.